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MQTT PushButton


This is an Internet of Things input device. When you push the button, it sends the word PUSH via MQTT to your application. It acts as a very easy-to-integrate event generator.

Each PushButton has a comprehensive instruction page (accessed through the URL on the base of the device) which includes a drag-and-drop code example for Node-RED, and MQTT connection details.

The MQTT PushButton is 40x40x30(H) mm, and has a 3D printed case and button. Power is supplied through a micro-USB connector (cable not supplied).
The PushButton connects to WiFi using WPA2 authentication, and hosts its own wireless access point for easy initial configuration onto your WiFi.

The PushButton flashes briefly blue when you push the button, and you can send back an acknowledgment of receipt from your application which makes the PushButton flash blue again.

With an MQTT PushButton as the input device, and a GlowOrb as the output device, you have a very quick end-to-end Internet of Things demonstration capability.