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DIY Multi Channel Analyzer for Gamma Spectroscopy


Gamma Viewer 1.00 - DIY Multi Channel Analyzer for Gamma Spectroscopy
The module is an assembled miniature Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) board based on PIC18 microcontroller. It allows you to view and collect gamma spectrum instantly without a computer and safe spectra on a micro SD card. The MCA uses internal 10bit ADC of the microcontroller.

The board has an analog circuit that translates PMT pulses into signal that 10bit ADC can sample in better ways. The spectrum is displayed on a 128x64 LCD and stored on micro SD card for further analyzing with BecqMonitor2011 software.

Technical specifications:
Application: Amateur Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Project
ADC: 10bit 1024 channels PIC18
Energy Range: 10keV - 3000keV
Linear / Logarithmic Scale Display
CPS (counts per seconds) Counter for optimal measurement control
Calibration Engineering Menu
micro SD card socket
Power Supply Voltage: 5V-12V DC
Display: 128x64 LCD 2.8" with Backlight
Require Input Signal Amplitude: 20mV-3000mV
Require Input Pulse Duration with exponential fall: 50uS-100uS
Require Input Pulse Raise time: 2uS-10uS
Recommended count rate for spectra < 1000 CPS
Module size: 71mm x 55mm x 20mm
Shipping Weight: 180gr
UPC Number: 634154871195
What is required hardware calibration for the module?
Module require calibration with 2-channels oscilloscope that has bandwidth >20MHz . I suggest the purchase only if you can assess one and can follow instruction. I include printed instruction and video link with the package to set all Test Points.

What is required software calibration for the module?
You can download attached PDF with full description of software settings for 1.03 firmware