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Pi-Zero-EzConnect KIT: Customize a GPIO connector for Pi


What is it?

Use a Pi-Zero-EzConnect board and the parts provided to customize and build your own GPIO connector. Includes everything needed to make your own customized connector for a Pi-Zero, Pi Zero W, Pi 3, Pi 2 or any other Pi / Pi-clone. Soldering required.

Why did I make it?

I first made the Pi-Zero-EzConnect board where most of the stuff was pre-soldered. I got requests from users to remove this and add that. So I started providing them parts. Ultimately the requests were plenty - made this into a kit that people could order.

What makes it special?

1) Compact footprint.

2) Fully documented connections on top and bottom layers. Please download the datasheet from for the details.

3) Unleash your creativity and customize the way a GPIO connector should be. Uses standard 3.54 mm terminal blocks. Soldering is required.

4) Includes components needed. No hunting around for parts. Includes male headers for Pi Zero, 40 pin male-female header, one Pi-Zero-EzConnect board, twelve two port terminal blocks and two three port terminal blocks.

5) Mounts clean over a Pi-Zero. Uses two of the four mount holes for Pi-2 or Pi-3 etc. Secure it mechanically with a spacer.

Note - connector colours may vary depending on availability.