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Pi-16ADC: 16 Channel, 16 bit ADC


What is it?

16 bit, 16 channel (or 8 differential channel) Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). Communicates with a Pi using I2C. 27 unique I2C addresses.

Why did I make it?

I needed more than 4 or 8 ports usually available for ADC's out there. I needed 10-12 ADC ports.

What makes it special?

1) 16 single ended or 8 Differential Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) ports. Software configurable ports.

2) CE certified.

3) 16-bit conversion or 39 micro-V sensitivity. 50/60 Hz noise rejection provides clean data.

4) Easy to connect solder points and solder less connections (terminal block) for each channel.

5) Mini breadboard for resistors and power.

6) Connects via I2C on Raspberry Pi.

7) 27 different I2C addresses via jumpers.

8) Sample Python code available.

9)Stack Pi-EzConnect (or Pi-Zero-EzConnect) board for GPIO connections. Access both digital sensors and analog sensors with the stack. Built/test your own IoT capabilities using both Analog and Digital sensors.