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Raspberry Pi Voltage shifter for WS2812 Neopixels


The Raspberry Pi Voltage Shifter makes it very easy to drive WS2812B 'Neopixels' from a Raspberry Pi. It was made after I developed an art installation that controlled a WS2812B 'Neopixels' from a Raspberry Pi and I was frustrated that it wasn't easy to convert the 3.3V output voltage to 5V easily and reliably.

Compatible with:

Models A+ and B+
Pi 2 Model B
Pi 3 Model B
Pi Zero (and Zero W)

This easy to use board includes all the connectors. It does not need any further assembly.

Ideal for Museums, galleries, and commercial installations that require a permanent installation that won't fail.

If you would like the Raspberry pi Voltage Shifter supplied without the header soldered on to allow you to use an alternative header, please message me after placing the order.