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Arduino Proto Terminal Shield


Arduino Proto Terminal Shield Kit

The Proto Terminal Shield gives you a better platform to make your Arduino projects in a quick and more robust way. All major Arduino pins are connected to 24 to 18 AWG terminal blocks allowing you to connect external wires without the need of soldering.


Arduino R3 Layout

Quick and secure way to connect wires

Stackable headers

Reset button and D13 Led

Large double-sided prototyping area (0.1"/2.54mm pads)

8 extra terminal blocks

4 extra power terminal blocks (5V, GND, GND, Vin)


1x Proto Terminal Shield

1x LED

1x 330R Resistor

1x Tactile micro switch

2x 6 pin long stackable headers

1x 8 pin long stackable headers

1x 10 pin long stackable headers

1x 4 Screws terminal block

1x 6 Screws terminal block

3x 8 Screws terminal block

1x 10 Screws terminal block

The large prototyping area and the additional terminal blocks allows you to create and test your projects, giving you the extra pins and space, that do not exist in other similar products.

Using the Proto Terminal Shield will save you time debugging a bad pin connection or a loose wire.

Note: Terminal blocks can come in a different color.