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Score Zero


Score:Zero is a super simple soldering project!

When the kit is built, it forms an NES-style games controller to fit atop a Raspberry Pi.

We've got an easy-to-follow tutorial worksheet to allow beginners to learn the ropes of soldering, and a set of example Python code that makes Score:Zero act as a keyboard or mouse in Raspbian OS. We're also working on support for Retropie which will be out in the next few days.

Score:Zero is designed to be super-inexpensive: you can have your very own retro gaming station set up for under £15.

You can download the worksheet here:

And a black and white, extra-printer-friendly version is here:

All our code is available on GitHub:

The kit includes:

  • One beautiful PCB
  • Two red pushbuttons
  • 4 black pushbuttons
  • 2 slim black pushbuttons
  • A 2*20 pin female header

There are also pads on the rear of the PCB for easy access to I2C, SPI, power and serial communications.

The buttons are connected as follows:

Up - Pin 22
Right - Pin 23
Down - Pin 24
Left - Pin 25
B - Pin 26
A - Pin 27
Start - Pin 5
Select - Pin 6

You'll also need to a Raspberry Pi (A+, B+, 2, 3, Zero or Zero W), SD card, mouse, power supply, keyboard and monitor.

Please note: Score:Zero does not include a Raspberry Pi and is a kit so requires some soldering assembly.