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Super Breakout


We've all been there: you buy a fancy new chip, only to discover it's in a surface mount format, far too small for breadboarding and prototyping... But fear not, SuperBreakout is here!

SuperBreakout is a conglomeration of breakout boards for common footprints of SMD components. We found ourselves needing to get breakout boards quickly, so we designed them into a easy-to-use, cost-effective snap out format.

It includes:

  • 5 small 0402/0603 breakouts (pins 0.1" apart)
  • 5 small 0805/1206 breakouts (pins 0.1" apart)
  • 5 large 0402/0603 breakouts (pins 0.3" apart)
  • 5 large 0805/1206 breakouts (pins 0.3" apart)
  • 5 SOT323/SOT23-3 breakouts
  • 5 SOT363/SOT23-6 breakouts
  • 2 SOD123/SOD323 diode breakouts (one large (pins 0.3apart), one small (pins 0.1 apart))
  • 2 DO-214AC/SMA diode breakouts (one large (pins 0.4apart), one small (pins 0.1 apart))
  • 2 SOIC8/SO08/MSOP8 breakouts
  • 1 MLF32/QFN32//TQFP32/LQFP32/MLF44/QFN44/TQFP44/LQFP44 breakout
  • 1 TQFP64/QFP64/MLF64/QFN64 breakout, with additional footprints for SO, SOIC, SOW, SOICW and SSOP package chips with 28 pins or less

Each order also includes a comprehensive key, telling you exactly which footprint pairs with each breakout board, and all the through-hole header pins you'll need for all the boards.

SuperBreakout was designed in the UK by Archie Roques, and each order is lovingly packed by the Wonky Resistor team in Norfolk. If you need help, have a problem or want to ask something, get in touch with us via Twitter or email us at