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RasPiO Portsplus - port labeller for Raspberry Pi


The RasPiO® Portsplus board is designed for the Raspberry Pi 3/2/0/A+/B+. It labels the ports clearly for you so that you don’t need to count pins. This will help you avoid wiring errors and damage.

You can slip it over the GPIO header if you want, or hold it next to the header (many people tell me they do this – and this approach will also work for the older models A/B).

At just 1mm thick, it leaves plenty of space for attaching your wires. It’s thick enough not to feel flimsy, but thin enough not to be clunky.

RasPiO Portsplus had a walk-on part in one of my recent RasPi.TV videos. It gives a nice close-up view of one way to use it…

RasPiO PortsPlus was designed using DesignSpark PCB.