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Location: Clayton Rd, Chessington KT9 1NQ, UK

RLB Designs is located on the out skirts of London in Surrey our aim to create unique and individual clocks from original vintage Nixie tubes.

About the Clocks;

Each hand made clock is produced with loving care using Nixie tubes from old stock lost in warehouses in Russia or Ukraine. The tubes have a beautiful orange glow and a 3D look as each digit is stacked behind other within the tube. The clocks are created as timepiece art – and by their very nature they are individually constructed from recycled equipment, or original vintage items.

Inside each clock is the very latest Arduino microprocessor technology, the PCB’s are designed and built by RLB Designs in the UK and are used to drive these long forgotten tubes.

About the Designer;

I have been in electronic design for many, many years and made my first Nixie clock when I was an apprentice in the 70’s. The clocks that I make now use the most up to date electronics available including a RTC (Real Time Clock) module which gives an accuracy of less than 1 second a year.

I have a range of clocks for general sale and take orders for commissioned pieces, If you would like to discuss an idea you have in mind, please feel free to get in touch.

2 open listings

Selling: NDB-1 IN-12 / IN-17 Nixie Display Board
NDB-1 IN-12 / IN-17 Nixie Display Board
Selling: Universal Nixie Driver Board (UNDB) Ver 8.0
Universal Nixie Driver Board (UNDB) Ver 8.0

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