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14s BMS shield for Arduino, with 2M cable set.


Battery monitor for up to 14s Lithium Ion, Lithium Ion Phosphate, or Super Capacitor bank.
Use for cell level monitoring, battery under/over voltage protection controller, data logging, or as the basis for a larger DIY BMS with cell ballance circuitry.
CAN also use used to monitor 2 seperate 7S batteries.

Monitor up to 14 cells using just 3 IOs and 2 Analogue inputs.

IO pins to arduino.
IO10 = A Cell select bit 0
IO11 = B Cell select bit 1
IO12 = C cell select bit 2
Any two of A0 to A5 for reading cell voltage.
Outputs used in supplied Arduino code.
IO7 = Warning buzzer.
IO8 = Cell/Battery overvoltage (low for overvoltage)
IO9 = Cell/Battery undervoltage (low for undervoltage)

5V USB or DC input for Arduino/BMS board.
38V (9s tap) for voltage sense amplifiers OR external DC-DC PSU module.

Cell voltage graphed by copying data from Serial Port log into a CSV, then importing into
Could also use Excel, or any of the other programs that can graph data from CSV files.