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Arduino IDE Geiger Counter DIY Kit ver.2 with SBM-20 tube


This is upgraded version 2.00 of our robust Geiger Counter project based on Arduino IDE Atmega-328A, very easy and fun to solder project. All parts in the project are through-hole easy to place on the board with a solder iron. With your package you'll receive detailed printed electrical circuit to assemble the board and we have technical email support if you need any help. Microcontroller comes pre-programmed with installed Arduino UNO bootloader and uploaded sketch, if you need to get program code please contact us after your purchase to get the link for downloading source files.

The package include SBM-20 Geiger Muller Tube!

Technical specifications:
High Voltage PWM Converter with true voltage feedback
HV Converter has ability to drive 20M load, 25uA into 500V max.
400V and 500V Geiger Tubes are supported
Dose-Rate Calculation and CPM counter
New Logarithmic Bargraph with CPS counter
Two tact buttons for controlling the software
Moving Average CPM calculating algorithm
UART logging with Radiation Logger, require USB-TTL dongle
Clicker Geiger Event Sound with Mute and Two LED's
Supply Voltage: 5V DC
Supply Current: 15mA at background level
Dimensions: 89(L) x 39(W) x 22(H) mm
Shipping Weight: 180gr
UPC Number: 634654895707