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RasPiO Pibase - backplate for Raspberry Pi model B


Pibase Pi model B backplate provides an attractive, convenient base plate for any 40-pin Raspberry Pi model B (B+, 2B, 3B). This helps to prevent accidental shorting if you put the Pi down on something conductive. But, unlike a case, you can still see pretty much the entire Pi and have unfettered access to its ports.

It's available in four colour options...

*Colourless (transparent, shiny)
*Blue Frost (translucent, matt)
*Black (opaque, shiny)
*Green (opaque, shiny)
...and each one comes with 4x M2.5 nylon bolts and 8x nuts.

Recommended assembly...
Push a bolt down through Pi mount holes from the top and add a nut underneath. Tighten. Do this for all four, then add the Pibase. Add four more nuts and tighten.

Please specify your colour choice when ordering. If you don't, we'll send Colourless (transparent, shiny)