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RasPiO FullpHAT - put 2 pHATs on your Pi & use all ports


RasPiO FullpHAT lets you...

  • connect two pHATs to your Pi and still use spare GPIO ports
  • connect a pHAT + a HAT to your Pi and still use spare GPIO ports
  • break out the Pi GPIO ports multiple times with large, clear labels it opens up a lot of possibilities for combining boards into a project.

As with all RasPiO boards, the connections are labelled in a large, easy-to-read font. There are also lots of options for adding extra headers or soldering wires to the board (to suit your project). The GPIO ports are broken out twice in addition to the two pHAT headers. There are extra holes for power and GND as well.

RasPiO FullpHAT was designed using DesignSpark PCB