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Information about DesignSpark Marketplace

How it works

Welcome to our Beta Marketplace.

Below is some common FAQ - Need  further support? Visit our support centre and raise a ticket here 

-          Who can sell on the DesignSpark Marketplace?

Any DesignSpark Member.  If you’re not a Member, is free to join. Our Marketplace is for Makers, Pro-Makers, Start-ups and small business to use to sell the products they have designed and made.

-          Who can buy on the DesignSpark Marketplace?

Any DesignSpark Member.  If you’re not a Member, is free to join

-          What can I sell?

It may be a one off project, something you have produced a few of, or something you’ve produced with a view to sell. You may be a hobbyist or a business, it doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s something you have created.  We’re mainly looking for projects that have an element of or are related to electronics and 3D printing. They might be “add on boards” or kits to use with popular Single Board computers like Raspberry Pi or Arduino, or standalone fun projects that you have created.  You may have things like laser cut cases for single board computers or project kits, or you may just have a cool 3D printed widget that you have designed and want to sell. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s your own creation.

-         VAT/TAX

If your business requires you to be VAT/TAX registered, you must add your VAT/TAX number (see T&C's)

-          What Currencies does the Marketplace support?

The DesignSpark Marketplace allows users to list items in £GBP, US $ and E Euro.  Please note that if you are buy and selling in currencies different to your native currency, your payment provider will apply an exchange rate.

-          How do Buyers pay Sellers?

The DesignSpark Marketplace uses PayPal and Stripe to manage Payments. You will need to enable at least one of those services.

-          Is there any commissions?

DesignSpark does not currently take a commission from the products that you sell.  However, PayPal or Stripe will take a commission from the seller.

-          Can you sell more than 1 of an item?

You are free to sell as many of your products as you like. The site allows you to add a quantity you have available to sell.  Buyers can select a quantity from the available stock.

-          Can you buy and sell outside of the country you reside?

Shipping costs are clearly stated on each item and what region this covers. If a seller is willing to ship outside of the country they reside, they may wish to charge extra shipping costs.  If you’re a buyer in a different country/region to the seller you can message the seller.  If they agree to ship to you and they have advised extra shipping costs, these can be payed separately via PayPal or Stripe.

-          Who ships the product?

Sellers ship their products directly to buyers.